The newly opened Stawy Marcowe Camping Site in Głuszyca is a place where every guest has access to comfort at an affordable price. We make sure of it! We go to great lengths to make your stay with us more than enjoyable. We offer a convenient location with two municipal swimming pools nearby, both indoor and outdoor as well as a playground with a skate park in the immediate vicinity of the area. You will also find shopping facilities within a few hundred meters. You can take pleasure sightseeing historical buildings of cultural importance and, above all, the area offers access to multiple walking and cycling routes.


How are we different from other campsites?

Stawy Marcowe Camping Site in Głuszyca provides all the necessary facilities to enable spending enjoyable time outdoors.
Parking for individual customers and buses is located directly at the entrance to the Camping Site and Museum.


For busy guests

Thanks to the facilities we offer, such as showers and bathrooms, our guests can enjoy the highest comfort.
To learn more about our services, please see our website (go to FAQ section) or contact us.



The area is popular with many holidaymakers as it is a convenient option for families or groups of travellers. The varied terrain allows you to choose from a number of routes and attractions to cater for different preferences.



Pola biwakowe dla namiotów zostały zaprojektowane z myślą o potrzebach naszych gości, stefa dla namiotów jest wydzielona osobno na półce opartej o stary kamienny mur.


Today we will try to describe the most famous attractions near our Camping Site.

We must start with a description of the location of Głuszyca. The village is situated between two different mountain ranges. Southwards there are the Suche Mountains with relatively sharp but short ascents and the Sowie (Owl) Mountains with very gentle slopes. Our Camping Site is adjacent to the Sowie Mountains on the north side, while on the south side it is adjacent to the city center. Leśna Street where the Camping Site is located is one of the main roads leading to the Sowie Mountains. Parallel to it, Potok Marcowy (March Stream) flows here.

On the Camping Site you will find the Museum of Automotive Engineering and Technology, which was founded by us.

Distances to important places situated around the Camping Site:
  • city center with shops, among others Biedronka and Rossmann, a post office, a bakery or hairdresser’s are all between 100 to 300m away,
  • a pizza place – 100m,
  • ‘Jadło’ restaurant – 200m,
  • playground for children (Park Jordanowski – Jordan Park) – 100m,
  • rollerblades track – 400m,
  • football field and Orlik – 400m,
  • municipal outdoor swimming pool – 450m,
  • municipal indoor swimming pool – 1000m.

Tourist attractions:
  • Sowie (Owl) Mountains – Riese,
  • the Osówka complex, 9 km by car (4600m on foot),
  • complex Soboń – 2600m,
  • Walim adits – 12 km by car,
  • Cesarskie Skalki viewpoint – 2000m (27 minutes on foot),
  • Gomólnik Mały viewpoint in the Suche Mountains – 5.2 km (1.06 minutes on foot). You can drive 3.5 km closer by car,
  • the ruins of the Rogowiec castle – 5.4 km (near Gomólnik Mały),
  • Andrzejówka Hostel – 11 km (on foot 2.33 hours),
  • Pebbles, a picturesque lake in an old quarry, known in winter for its icefalls – 4.7 km,
  • Ksiaz Castle – 23 km,
  • Grodno Castle – 11km,
  • Dam on Lake Bystrzyckie – 13km.

  • Walbrzych
  • Porcelain Museum 16 km,
  • Old Mine Museum 17 km,
  • Arton Senna Automotive Museum 12 km,
  • Nowa Ruda – Mine Museum and Automotive Museum 18 km,
  • Ludwikowice Tunnek Museum 9.2 km,
  • Molke Museum (Mucholapka) 16 km,
  • Srebrna Góra Fortress – 32 km,
  • The fortress and the city of Kłodzko – 40 km.

It is also worth going to some of the dozen observation towers located nearby. In the area around the city of Głuszyca you will also find numerous bicycle routes of various degrees of difficulty. The total number of routes in the area reaches 500 km.


Camping sitePrices
Camper40 zł/day
Caravan30 zł/day
Adults20 zł/day
Kids 3 – 15 years old15 zł/day
Kids 0 – 3 years oldfree
Pets5 zł/day
1 – 2 person tent15 zł/day
3 – 4 person tent25 zł/day
Tent for more than 5 people35 zł/day
Adults20 zł/day
Kids 3 – 15 years old15 zł/day
Kids 0 – 3 years oldfree
Pets5 zł/day
Car10 zł/day
Bus20 zł/day
Motorcycle5 zł/day
Electricity – camper, trailer30 zł/day
Camper service for external customers who are not guests of the campsite – camper, trailer20 zł/vehicle


  • Karta Dużej Rodziny: -10%
  • Karta Grupy Biwakowej -10%
  • From the 4th day of stay additional -10%

Discounts apply to all services except for electricity


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